Information about the Church of God Restoration and it's apostles

A very good description of the COGR can be read here, in a letter issued by the Redemption Bible Chapel in London, Ontario, Canada:
A Warning to the People of Redemption Bible Chapel Regarding Henry Hildebrandt and the Church of God Restoration

This is the website of the Church of God Restoration:

Below is the video called: "Are Henry Hildebrandt, Ray Tinsman, Stephen Hargrave and the others false apostles? Is the Church of God Restoration a cult?". Further down the page are the source videos with notes underneath about important statements in those videos, with timestamps.

Questions and Answers regarding Rumors about the Church of God (Restoration) Sep 2019

0:37:49 Ray Tinsman is asked if they as apostles could write scripture, he says "yes".
1:10:18 Ray Tinsman affirms that they can take away someone's salvation.
1:13:01 A member could loose salvation for calling an ambulance because of a heart attack.

Aylmer, Ontario 2021 01 03.

38:20 Henry Hildebrandt says he is a "John the Baptist".

Addison Everett 2021 02 02 Greensville, Ohio

The message starts at 00:29:27
0:36:18 Addison Everett says he is going to preach about Ray Tinsman.
0:59:03 Addison Everett says this is one man's gospel (Ray Tinsman's) and his faults are very little and if you campare them to the members' faults, they don't exist.
1:00:03 Everett tells members Ray Tinsman is smarter then they are.
1:01:05 Everett says he owes his life, his soul, his salvation to the ministry of one man (Ray Tinsman).
1:06:00 Everett telss members to stop thinking that the apostle Paul is greater than Ray Tinsman.
1:06:29 Everett says there is someone (Ray Tinsman) in the room who's ministry is greater than John, James, Peter and Paul the apostle.
1:07:43 Everett asks Tinsman's wife what it's like to be married to the most important person to ever walk on this earth, except for Jesus.
1:11:20 Everett says that they don't believe anything unless Tinsman says it.
1:15:11 Everett says he thinks Tinsman is a perfect human been.
1:17:32 Ray Tinsman says that he agrees with what Everett preached and whoever feels called to be a minister has to believe that also.
1:18:34 Tinsman says that people concerned about human exaltation are ignorants.
1:20:24 Tinsman says that the origianl apostles would not be perfect without them (COGR apostles) and that they (COGR apostles) are the fullfilment of the original twelve. He says if they (COGR) are wrong, the original apostles are wrong too.
1:21:18 Tinsman tells members if they are weary, troubled, concerned, to come and rest, lay down their burdens and follow him (he says "get behind me").

Stephen Hargrave 2021 02 03 Greensville, Ohio

The message starts at 00:37:54
1:02:53 Stephen Hargrave says leaving the Church of God (Restoration) is being prostituted.

Ray Tinsman and Stephen Hargrave 2021 02 04 Greensville, Ohio

The message starts at 00:39:32
0:50:45 Ray Tinsman tells members that what they know, they have learned from the holy apostles.
1:40:21 Ray Tinsman says he does not want another Mennonite or Amish movement.
1:42:00 Ray Tinsman says that now one should be ahead of him, and that praying to Jesus is weird.
1:47:14 Stephen Hargrave says the New Jerusalem is their headquarters in Greenville, Ohio.

Elizabeth Oppel 2021 02 05 Greensville, Ohio

The message starts at 00:41:00
1:33:45 Elizabeth Oppel says the devil is trying to kill brother Ray and the others.
1:34:48 Elizabeth Oppel asks: "Are you going to believe in brother Ray or are going to believe in Faroah?"
1:35:05 Elizabeth Oppel says you are listening to somebody, and if it's not brother Ray, you are slaves.

Jonathan Anselm 2021 02 06 Greensville, Ohio

The message starts at 00:23:46
1:07:19 Jonathan Anselm says don't pray to God for a vision, come to a man (Ray Tinsman).
1:11:27 Jonathan Anselm says the church of God is measured by the arm of Ray Tinsman, if you want to go to heaven, you have to come to Ray.
1:14:19 Jonathan Anselm says this is not the time to hold back your money.
1:22:26 Jonathan Anselm says Bill Gates is going to bow in front of Ray.

Ernest Benion Jr 2021 02 06 Greensville, Ohio

The message starts at 00:57:08
1:32:26 Ernest Benion Jr says that to be saved, you have to say "Yes" to Tinsman, and he kneels at Ray Tinsman's feet.
1:40:36 Ernest Benion Jr says if you want to be saved, all you have to do is to agree with them.

Henry Hildebrandt 2021 03 14

9:09 Henry Hildebrandt says like the angels in John 1:51, he is going up and down the ladder to heaven.

Ray Tinsman 2021 03 18 Durango, Mexico

The message starts at 00:19:27
1:19:04 Ray Tinsman tells young people if necessary he will be their dad.
1:23:03 Ray Tinsman tells young people to follow him.
1:24:04 - 1:26:00 Tinsman criticizes some girls and says his son is not marrying anyone him and his wife do not approve of, he says the same about a girl standing close to him, hugs her and says she has been his long before anyone else's.

Ray Tinsman 2021 03 19 Durango, Mexico

The message starts at 00:20:35
1:03:38 John Hildebrandt says that if a preacher can show him prophesied in the Bible, he will follow him and he won't see his mistakes.
1:09:36 Ray Tinsman says that if prophesy is for today then there must be prophets and apostles and the members have a choice of one (Ray Tinsman).
1:25:38 to 1:28:52 Ray Tinsman claims that he is the Seventh Angel and he spoke to John, the apostle, author of Revelation. Ray Tinsman claims he is the word that became flesh and you can touch him, that he is what Revelation 10:1 talks about.
1:30:55 Ray Tinsman says he is a good and kind person.
1:32:15 Ray Tinsman says that if you are only following him becasue you think he is good and not because he is in prophesy, then you might as well join the Kleingemeinde or any other church.
1:34:13 Ray Tinsmas says that members can be thankful he is kind, because even if he was evil as a snake members have to follow him to get saved.
1:42:31 John Hildebrandt says that if you believe and follow the words of apostle Ray Tinsman you are directly connected to God.
1:44:40 John Hildebrandt reads Revelation 18:20, hinting at it's talking about the Church of God Restoration's prophets and apostles. Ray Tinsman jumps for joy.

Ray Tinsman 2021 04 29 Chicago

The message starts at 00:11:00
1:14:30 Tinsman says God will rid them of unbelievers.
1:15:39 Tinsman says God hates unbelievers and so does he.
1:21:50 Tinsman says they need God to rid them of unbelievers and to make room for the many that will flow in.

Stephen Hargrave West Milton, Ohio 2021-05-29

The message starts at 00:41:09
1:15:17 Stephen Hardgrave talks about the men that he separated from their families and reffers to them as "knuckelhead men" and says they owe him money for having their wifes under him (his leadership).